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Value added tax ID: DE244617813

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Mittlerer Pfad 19
D-70499 Stuttgart, Germany

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Approval, competent supervisory authority
All attorneys of the law firm Görtz Rechtsanwälte have obtained their professional license in the Federal Republic of Germany and are members of the Stuttgart Bar Association, the responsible licensing and supervisory authority.

Stuttgart Bar Association
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Homepage: Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance for the activity as a lawyer
HDI Insurance AG
HDI Platz 1
D-30659 Hanover, Germany

The geographical scope (AVB WSR 558) of the insurance cover covers activities in the following areas
1. Germany
2. European foreign countries
Liability claims arising from the following activities are insured
(1) in connection with advice and employment on European law;
(2) the lawyer before European courts.
3. worldwide in the amount of
in the amount of the legally prescribed minimum sum insured for liability claims arising from the recourse of the policyholder before non-European courts. 4.
4 The insurance cover does not cover liability claims arising from activities through law firms or offices established or maintained abroad.

Professional regulations
The following professional regulations apply:
BRAO – Federal Lawyers’ Act
BORA – Professional Code of Conduct for Lawyers
EuRAG – Law on the Activities of European Lawyers in Germany
FAO – Specialist attorney regulations
RVG – Law on the Remuneration of Attorneys at Law


Responsible for content according to § 55 Abs. 2 RStV
Lawyer Dominik Görtz
Mittlerer Pfad 19
D-70499 Stuttgart, Germany

Dispute resolution / information according to § 36 VSBG
Görtz Rechtsanwälte is not obliged or willing to participate in any dispute resolution proceedings at the arbitration board of the Berlin-based Rechtsanwaltschaft.


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